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6 miles of hiking • 500' elevation gain •

Spring ski loop with my son. Near the end of the trip we were in t-shirts!

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April 3, 2017


Whychus Confluence

13 miles of hiking • 1250' elevation gain • 2 nights

We took a trip down Carcass Canyon in the low desert and camped near the confluence of Whychus and Deschutes. Hiked upstream on the Whychus and spent the second night at Alder Springs. Had it to ourselves because the main TH has not opened yet. The winter was very hard on the deer population and we encountered many dead animals, so many that some had not been predated or scavanged. Just rotting away, sometimes right on the trail.

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March 25 – March 27, 2017

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Humbug Mountain

6.5 miles of hiking • 1250' elevation gain •

There's more to this mountain..........

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March 18, 2017

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Columbial Hills

5.5 miles of hiking • 1000' elevation gain •

I stopped first to checkout Spearfish park and took a loop around the lake, then had a nice ramble up 8 mile Creek. I don't care if it's sideways raining, I'm hiking!

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March 14, 2017


Cat Creek/Major Creek

4.5 miles of hiking • 1000' elevation gain •

Wide open rambles. Grass widows just starting to emerge. A few more weeks til the big bloom.

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March 2, 2017


Mt Tabor

3.5 miles of hiking • 250' elevation gain •

Fast pace!

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March 1, 2017


Hoyt Arboretum

3 miles of hiking • 250' elevation gain •

I just got a new hip and this was my first hike. Still tender around the incision, but it felt so good to ambulate without the old hip pain. Time to get back in shape!

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February 22, 2017


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