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Moapa Peak, NV

Hiked Tuesday, November 21st, 2023

Cool desert scramble with knife edge ridge. No trail. Approached using a wash, then following intermittent cairns up through ledges and ramps. HIked out in dark…

Jen posted this 17 days ago


MSH via Monitor Ridge

Hiked Thursday, November 16th, 2023

Started from Climber's Bivouac. Road there is still snow free and the gate was open, but there is some ambiguity about when it's going to close. Some sources say it is closed alread…

Jen posted this 24 days ago



Hiked Friday, October 27th, 2023

Quick trip with my old pal Seeger…

Jen posted this about 1 month ago


Southern Utah

Hiked Friday, October 13th, 2023

We stayed in Kanab and went hiking every day!

1) Red Canyon and Dino tracks 4 miles, 500 ft 2) Starlight Canyon 8 miles 1150 ft 3) North Rim GC, Uncle Jim trail-beautiful aspen…

Jen posted this about 1 month ago


Cowboy (7 mo old pup) on his first backpack

Backpacked Saturday, October 7th to Sunday, October 8th 2023

Headed up from White River in case Cowboy was having trouble hiking at night. He did amazing the entire time. Scared at night, but in his element in the day.…

runandsew posted this about 1 month ago


Clackamas area foraging

Hiked Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

Wandering in the woods for hours. Got soaked. Found some fungi!…

Jen posted this 2 months ago


Yosemite High Country Tuolumne Meadows

Backpacked Monday, September 18th to Friday, September 22nd 2023

Backpack out of Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite. Some of the most gorgeous views from Ireland Lake to Vogelsang.…

runandsew posted this 2 months ago


California Road Trip

Backpacked Wednesday, September 20th to Wednesday, September 27th 2023

I went to California for 10 days and had some fun hikes.

1) Castle Lake- 4 miles, 750 ft

2) Mt Hubris-with the Mazamas. 5 pitches of glorious granite. Amazing lofty summit. Ni…

Jen posted this 2 months ago

Heart_bw 1

Trillium Lake

Backpacked Friday, March 17th to Saturday, March 18th 2023

Hoped to see some stars and just get out.…

runandsew posted this 8 months ago

Heart_bw 2

Deschutes hikes

Backpacked Saturday, April 8th to Sunday, April 9th 2023

Escape to the High Desert. Did three different hikes. The first two were off trail wanders up and down the rimrock basalt bluffs above the Deschutes. The first night I camped- it wa…

Jen posted this 8 months ago


Palmer Mill

Hiked Thursday, September 14th, 2023

Just a pleasant and cool wander on the piney paths in the forest. Still love this place. …

Jen posted this 3 months ago

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Middle Sister via Hayden Glacier

Backpacked Wednesday, June 14th to Thursday, June 15th 2023

So nice to camp up in the alpine again! Bugs have not started quite yet, but they are waking up. …

Jen posted this 6 months ago

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John Day River: Cottonwood Canyon and Thirty Mile Wilderness Study Area

Hiked Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

Got a cabin for two nights at Cottonwood Canyon SP. Weather was a little rough on the first day, we hiked the Pinnacle Trail in the park. The second day was perfect for our big adve…

Jen posted this 9 months ago


Olallie Lakes Basin

Backpacked Wednesday, September 6th to Thursday, September 7th 2023

I went up to check on a couple wildlife cameras for Cascadia Wild. Forgot to bring hiking shoes. HIked in flipflops and toes socks for first camera. Found a single shoe at trailhead…

Jen posted this 3 months ago


Mt Stuart via Cascadian Couloir

Backpacked Thursday, August 31st to Saturday, September 2nd 2023

Really fun climb. We hiked in to a base camp on Ingalls Creek, then spent the next day scrambling up 4500 feet of granite. Only sketchy in one spot really with loose dirt and rockfa…

Jen posted this 3 months ago

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Mt. Rainier Summit

Backpacked Tuesday, July 26th to Thursday, July 28th 2022

Climbed via the DC route. Since I am 61 summited the old man way with 1 night at camp Muir then a short 2nd day setting up camp at Ingraham Flats. Due to the hot weather snow was sl…

Father Guido Sarducci posted this over 1 year ago

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Killen Creek

Hiked Wednesday, July 27th, 2022

I signed up for a pika monitoring gig. This was the only day I had to visit the site this month. I knew it was a bad choice. Late start, and arrived as the heat of the day was turni…

Jen posted this over 1 year ago


Shuksan Fisher Chimneys take 2

Backpacked Friday, August 25th to Sunday, August 27th 2023

Conditions very different from last year's attempt. Glaciers melted out and mazed with crevasses. Winnies Slide and the Hourglass features were ice walls, got to use my ice screws! …

Jen posted this 3 months ago

Heart_bw 1

BV Plateau

Hiked Sunday, May 7th, 2023

Came up here two days in a row.

The ghost of Basil Rathbone has been very busy in the area. The firebreak roads now have some well maintained single track with lovely wooden si…

Jen posted this 7 months ago


Acker Rock

Hiked Saturday, August 19th, 2023

I was taking part in a Mazama multipitch course over two days on Acker Rock. Went up and down to the LO tower twice. Climbed the 10 pitch SW face once. What a thrill!…

Jen posted this 4 months ago

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Catherine Creek Upper Tracy Hill

Hiked Monday, May 1st, 2023

Great May Day hanging with the flowers. I had lunch up at my secret meadow with Adirondack Chairs.…

Woodswalker posted this 7 months ago

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Coyote Wall

Hiked Saturday, April 22nd, 2023

Last hike with the Alpenhounds…

Jen posted this 8 months ago


North Rim Yosemite

Backpacked Tuesday, August 8th to Friday, August 11th 2023

Family backpack like the old days! Everyone loved it. …

Jen posted this 4 months ago


Three Sisters Loop

Backpacked Tuesday, August 1st to Saturday, August 5th 2023

Clockwise from Obsidian Trailhead. We were dubbed, "The Produce Section" by PCT thru hikers because of all the fresh produce we brought for them.

We were three 60+ women making …

runandsew posted this 4 months ago


Misery Ridge

Hiked Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023

Went climbing. Had to hike up over Misery Ridge twice with heavy packs. Not bad in the morning, but brutal in the afternoon. Successfully led three of the five pitches of a route ca…

Jen posted this 4 months ago

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Hiked Saturday, March 18th, 2023

Fun day up on Mt Hood. Alpinish start with great weather.…

Jen posted this 9 months ago

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Star Nathan Williams 4,750'
Star Sarah Johnson 3,000'

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Star Woodswalker 200' per mile
Star runandsew 186' per mile
Star pizza pal 112' per mile

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