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2016 hiking log

220 miles of hiking • 38750' elevation gain • 18 nights

2016 hiking log I was crippled in 2016 with a very bad hip, but I did get some hiking in, here is a summary of my trips:

1/20: Barlow Pass xc ski, 5 miles 500 eg 2/1-3: Snowshoe/ski to Whiteriver Hut: Skiing not so good, but the weather was fantastic! Stayed 2 nights at the hut and enjoyed snowshoeing up the nearby butte. 15 miles 1000 eg 2/14: Woodward Falls with kids 4 miles 250 ft 3/12: The Bullet Car in pouring rain with kids 5 miles 500 ft 3/24: John Day Fossil beds: It was spring break but no-one was hiking the Blue Basin Loop except me (must have been the sideways hail). At the apex of the loop, the sun came out. As the glorious orb lit up the awesome spectacle below me, I had an epiphanic eyegasm! 6 miles 1000 ft 3/26: Ridiculously insane bikepack through the S Fork Crooked River Canyon, near Bedell Canyon. This is a wilderness study area with wild horses. I visited with my pal Mark a few years ago and we had trouble finding a place to pitch our tent because of all the cow paddies. Now the cows are gone, but the shrubs are growing in thick making the trail a real challenge on bikes. Absolute solitude in this gorgeous desert canyon, with wonderful avenues to explore around every corner. Most of trip was on bike, but we did two forays up the other side of the canyon looking at a cave and we also found a hermit hideout campsite, with debris from the 70s. 5 miles 1000 ft eg, 2 nights 3/30: I successfully wrangled 4 teenagers to the top of Saddle Mountain! 5miles, 1500 ft 4/1 Coyote Wall/Labyrinth: wildflower hike with friends, 5 miles, 1000 ft 4/3: Ski/snowshoe at Dutchman flat 4 miles 4/20: Death Valley: Manley Beacon, Eureka Dunes 4 miles 500 ft eg, Racetrack and Ubehebe Crater 3 miles, 250, Backpack to Panamint City 18 miles, 3000 ft eg, 4 nights camping 5/14: Pappose and Sacajewa: Took a ridiculous approach with my bushwacking buddy Kurt. 7 miles 1500 ft 5/31: Traditional family camp weekend at a surprisingly quiet campground east of Cottage Grove. I made everyone go on a hike up Bohemia Mountain. Got the car stuck in snow for awhile. Kids loved it! 4 miles, 750 ft, 2 nights camp. 6/8: Mckenzie Pass bike/hike. We biked up while gate was still locked and camped at hidden Huckleberry Lake which has a decommissioned campground from the 70s. Attempted climbing Little Brother, but had to turn back before summiting. Fun times scrambling over lava fields and snow. Absolutely no one out there. Learned some lessons we will use in 2017. 7 miles, 1500 ft eg 6/18 Trillium Lake loop with kids 2.5 miles 6/20 Independence Rock wit school group, 4 miles 500 ft 6/23: Cache Mountain bike/hike while at Outdoor School with my son. 4 miles 1000 ft 7/6: Sheep Canyon/Butte Camp overnighter. 17 miles 3000 ft eg. 8/9: Bluff Mtn, berry picking bonanza! 2 miles, 250 ft 8/14: Fish Mountain with Evan, First time sleeping in a hammock with my son. It was a hot day, warm night, very comfy! 5 miles 750 ft 1 night camp 8/24, Wallowas: 22 miles, 7000 ft eg, 3 nights. Hiked from Tendefoot Trail to McCully Basin. Next day hiked up Aneroid Peak to Dollar Lake. Enjoyed a wonderful traverse over Dollar Ridge. Had to bail on Pete’s Point because of my hip. Another night camped at Dollar Lake and then out through Bonney Basin. Only humans seen were at trailhead and Tenderfoot Pass. 9/4: Cedar Butte and Kilchis LO tower site in Tillamook Forest, 6 miles, 1500 ft 9/14: Hummocks to Coldwater Ridge on the Boundary Trail 11 miles, 2200 EG 9/24: Jeff Park: Pamelia to Shale Lake,Goat Mtn Ridge, 22 miles 4400 ft 1 night camp 10/3, 10/10: Larch mtn mushroom hunt, 8 miles 10/20: Abert Rim 3.5 miles, 2000 ft 10/21: Hager Mountain, 6 miles 1750 10/27: Vedawoos, Wyoming: Did one little hike while driving my mom across the country. 3 miles 11/29: 5 mile loop, around Lost Lake in the first snow. Amazing critter prints everywhere! 11/5: Hardy Ridge the hard way, bike shuttle. Up the spine of Hardy Ridge from the southern base, then out via old logging roads to our bikes on Kuepfer Rd. I do not recommend this route, the bushwacking was snarly thick and interminable! 7 miles, 2200 ft 12/7 Bennet Pass Ski 8 miles, 500 ft gain 12/28 Teacup ski with my son 5 miles

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December 24 – January 11, 2017


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