30 miles of hiking • 5500' elevation gain • 3 nights

Awesome restorative trip into Bull of the Woods. It poured rain halfway into the first day until the morning of day three. My feet may have never dried out, but we saw some beautiful wilderness, witnessed the recent fire's destruction first hand, and finally had a dry night with a fire on night three.

Go now and see the bear grass and rhododendrons—they are seriously in bloom now. More bear grass than I've ever seen.


Mike Bullington, Chris, Mileage Mike, and jon heart this trip.

June 25, 2012

Great job guys. I wish I could have met up for at least one of the days you were out there!

Jon Sommerville
July 7, 2012

Looks like that fire on the third night was big enough to make up for the other two wet nights.

Kyle Meyer
July 9, 2012

We definitely weren't messing around on the only dry opportunity for fire.