24 miles of hiking • 7500' elevation gain • 3 nights

Myself and three friends went for a four-day weekend down to Trinity Alps Wilderness. While we found a bit more wintery of conditions than we expected, it was still gloriously warm and sunny while we were out there and there was very little snow.


Roman, Chris, Allison, and Nat Turner heart this trip.

January 24, 2014

What was your route?

Kyle Meyer
January 24, 2014

We left from the Swift Creek Trailhead and headed up Bear Creek to the saddle just south of Seven Up Peak for night one. We went over to Summit Lake via the Deer Creek Trail for night two, then hiked past Diamond and Luella Lakes on our way back to Granite Lake for night three. Then we hiked out the short jaunt back to the car along the Granite Creek trail so we could get an early start on the long drive.

It was pretty much the best. Little hints of summer backpacking in winter.