8.5 miles of hiking • 1250' elevation gain •

What a beautiful emerald green color in this river. Many of the rocks are light blue to give this effect. I hiked the Siouxon Trail to the Chinook Trail, and crossed Chinook Creek below the falls. I then traversed downstream on the north side of Siouxon to Wildcat Creek. Instead of taking the trail, I had a delightful creek walk right up the Wildcat creekbed. Lovely grottos and little slides until I got to the base of the lower tier of Wildcat Falls. Enjoyed my lunch watching a dipper. I then had to cross back over Siouxon in thigh deep freezing cold water- YIKES!!!


Chris hearts this trip.

July 9, 2011

I love me some Siouxon! Not sure why, but I think it's so much better than Opal.

July 10, 2011

The creek color is as beautiful as the Little N Santiam (my favorite river), and this river is much more accessible from the trail. But I must say the uncut forest of Opal Creek makes for a very special feel in that area. It would have been nice to visit this area before they logged it.