7 miles of hiking • 3250' elevation gain •

Finishing what I started last week. I had left my bike hidden at the Crown Lake trailhead, but made a navigational error and ended up in the Mildred Lakes basin(arduous bushwack) and came out a different road. Hitched a ride with a hunter back to my car and drove straight home. Today I returned and started at S Breitenbush TH, hiked up to Bear Point and went cross country on the ridge leading into Firecamp Lakes basin, found my bike safe and sound, then cruised the 4 miles downhill (not included in this mileage)back to the Brietenbush TH.


nuizontann, Sarah Johnson, and Roman heart this trip.

Sarah Johnson
September 25, 2018

As an avid cyclist, I really should do more hike and bike trips! I think the last time I actually did was in the Olympics, going up the abandoned Dosewallips road, then stashing my bike at the ranger station at the park boundary. (My boyfriend was a ranger at the time.)

September 25, 2018

Bike shuttles are fun. Especially when you dont like to go back the way you came. So many possibilities!