21 miles of hiking • 4750' elevation gain • 1 night

Wandered east along the Boundary Trail from Elk Pass on FR25 for the first time. Hit snow just before arriving at Badger Lake, about 4.5 miles in around 4800' elevation, and stayed in it until returning to the same point again. Dirt bike ruts provided all the clues needed to follow the trail, thankfully. Heh... Tried scrambling up Craggy Peak, but got a bit sketched out just 100' shy of the summit. Nice views east towards Adams and Goat Rocks to enjoy with my lunch. On the way back, took a much better (but also snow covered) trail up Craggy Peak for the most magnificent 360° views! Love these old lookouts that haven't yet been overgrown. Decided this was an area I definitely need to explore more!


Roman and nuizontann heart this trip.

October 12, 2017

I love this area, but that is a bummer about the dirt bike tracks in the snow, yuck. Nice to see you backpacking again. Where did you camp?

October 12, 2017

Last picture - Olympics?

October 16, 2017

Jen: I'm only just starting to explore around there, and agree it's very nice! The ruts were kind of a bear, but there were actually a few places where the fresh tire tracks confirmed I was still on trail. Trade-offs, huh? Thanks! I actually just car camped up there, as I spent a few days hiking around different areas.

Roman: Nope, Mount Margaret Backcountry from Badger Peak...