39.64 miles of hiking • 7500' elevation gain • 2 nights

Started trip from the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center TH. Hiked in about 15 miles on day one and set up camp at Martins Creek. Very nice campsites there. Day 2 day hiked up to Elk Lake, Glacier Meadows and up to the Blue Glacier via the Lateral Moraine Trail. From the Lateral Moraine Mt. Olympus is right in your face...just awesome views. Spent a couple of hours there just soaking in the scenery and watching through my binoculars a couple climbers down climb Olympus. Just me & a couple of mtn. goats the entire time. Hiked back down to Martins Creek and then the next day hiked the 15 miles back to the TH where I was greeted with an overflowing parking lot filled with visitors. What a contrast from 24 hours earlier.


Roman, Jen, nuizontann, and Sarah Johnson heart this trip.