9 miles of hiking • 2250' elevation gain • 1 night

Really nice conditions this last weekend - sunny and cool, I don't think there was warmer than 65F. Lots of flowers, but they are on the decline. In a couple weeks there will be lots of strawberries, especially along Little Badger. The trail was in good condition, couple of large trees on upper trail I had to crawl under, but overall a lot fewer blowdown than couple years ago. Brush got cut through Ball Point NW saddle, but then ~1/3 mile is pretty brushy, that was the only slow part. I worried most about Little Badger (lower) trail though, if it was passable at all given how overgrown it was last time, but it turned out well maintained, definitely work have been done there. Connected 2 trails via easy bushwhack from lower trailhead.


Woodswalker and nuizontann heart this trip.