51 miles of hiking • 13750' elevation gain • 7 nights

I went to California for 10 days and had some fun hikes.

1) Castle Lake- 4 miles, 750 ft

2) Mt Hubris-with the Mazamas. 5 pitches of glorious granite. Amazing lofty summit. Nice park but the campground is unfortunately very close to I-5. Trucks and trains roaring all night. 6 miles, 2250 ft

3) Deer Pass in the Sierras. Started in Mammoth Lakes. Wanted to visit the Minarets, but they are now only opening the approach road on the weekends. Beautiful area, but busy with peoples. 9.5 miles, 2200 ft

4) White Mountains/Ancient Bristlecone Pine area. This was my favorite part of the trip. Hiked up County Line Hill(4.5 miles, 1300 ft), camped at 11,600 ft, and then hiked Mt Barcroft (map marker) the next day( 5miles, 1300 ft eg). The area around White Mountain is surrreal. Want to go back and climb that one. It's over 14K feet and so pretty! I didnt do it because I was resting for Whitney.

5) Alabama Hills and Mt Whitney. 22 miles, 6K ft eg. Kind of a zoo. An extreme tourist hike. Many unprepared people. Had to do a bit of a rescue of one person suffering from AMS and dehydration, They improved as we ferried them down to the lower camp.