26 miles of hiking • 9000' elevation gain • 2 nights

Got a cross country permit for the Pyramid zone. Approached from Longmire via the Wonderland to Indian Henry's patrol cabin, then turned up the Mirror Lake trail. Had so much fun travelling up to the alpine over slabs of glacier scoured rock with waterfalls and snowfields. I set up camp on a saddle just north of Pyramid Peak with Tahoma, Pyramid and Kautz glaciers looming over me. Tatoosh in view too. One of the best tent sites ever. Mosquitos were really bad when I arrived in the evening. Next day a nice breeze kept them at bay for hours and I wandered around the Pyramid Park area, up to about 7300 ft. Saw quite a few small groups of goats, very squittish. No humans anywhere. Bushwacked over to the top of Pearl Falls, but a better view would be from the bottom.

Mosquitoes returned late afternoon, and when I got back to my camp, I could not sketch or even prepare food. I was fully covered, had a bug shirt on, but they were incessant. Bummer that I could not relax and enjoy this amazing viewpoint.

Lost my phone while bushwacking, searched for hours, never located.

Hiked out the next morning back to Longmire, where I met up with a friend and we drove over to Reflection Lakes and climbed Pinnacle Peak!