26 miles of hiking • 7250' elevation gain • 2 nights

Visited several sites to monitor pikas. Was successful hearing many, seeing some, and even photographing a few individuals. Did two trips: 1) Clear Lost trail to Lost Lake lookout. The most amazing tent spot,and goat watching. 14.5 miles, 4000 ft gain.

When I got done, I drove through Packwood and picked up some beer, then stayed the next night at Chambers Lake Campground next to the Goat Ridge trailhead. It was free and there was only one other tenant. Sketched, relaxed and swam in lake. Woke up early for next hike up Goat Ridge through Jordan Basin to Hawkeye Point. 11.5 miles, 3250 ft gain.


nuizontann and Woodswalker heart this trip.