31 miles of hiking • 4750' elevation gain • 2 nights

Starting at Jackpot Lake, I explored 2 different parts of the Klickitat Trail near Packwood.

The first day I went NW and visited Cispus and Pompey Peaks-two old fire LO sites about 5 miles apart. Lovely subalpine meadowsbelow Twin Sisters and Castle Butte between the two, and huckleberries still ripe.

Day two, I went the other direction -southeasterly. It is more forested and more ups and downs as you pass below Horseshoe mountain and Cold Springs Buttte. Near Mission Mountain I scrambled up to the ridge and successfully located the Sanctuary Arch! Took a swim in St John Lake on the return trip. The only person I saw was a mountain biker an his two dogs who told me that a helicopter had crashed not far from Jackpot Lake and there were many rescue vehicles and FAA folk near the TH. I didnt see any of this though and know no further details.

On the third day I drove out to Randle and took FS 23(now repaired!) all the way to Trout Lake. Stopped at the closed North Fork Campground and did the little loop trail 122 that starts behind the historic Guard Station. Then I drove down to Taklakh Lake and hiked that loop trail which circles the lake, goes by pretty meadows and skirts a giant lava flow. Grabbed the primo picnic table back at the lake and ate my lunch and sketched, reluctant to return to reality.


October 1, 2020

I think the animalia in the photo is the tail of a northern flying squirrel!