5 miles of hiking • 1000' elevation gain • 1 night

First trip of my vacation. I was meeting friends next day for our backpack adventure and I wanted to test out my new tent and the bikepack set up. There were city hikers, burly trucks and ATVs all over this area, so I immediately cancelled my plan to go to Summit Lake. Stopped at a gate where no-one was parked, and hiked a few miles out and back on this old grassy forest road. Just a few peek aboo views of Carbon River and backside of Tirzah. Found a perfect camp spot in a meadow and went back to car, retrieved bike and gear. There is a new clearcut at start of road, but only first half mile. Wandered up an even older road up Cayada Mtn, but did not summit. Got a good view of Old Baldy and decided to head over that way in the morning.

Took the Kennedy Creek road up towards Surprise Lake, but access to our public land has been blocked. Just before the last crossing of Kennedy Creek, I found an old road that was likely the LO access road. I took it up a ways until it entered a heavy brush area-tread still visible, but I turned around realizing it would take a few hours to get up the remaining climb to the summit. Saw bench of road higher up-want to return!!! All these peaks on the Carbon Ridge look so inviting.


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