63 miles of hiking • 9500' elevation gain •

I've been active, but was reluctant to post. Using this one for all the little local forays I did in Forest Park, Marquam trails, Tillamook Forest and such. Will post separate TRs for the more interesting trips.

Fri March 27, 2020. Maple Loop variation: 8miles, 1000 ft. 10 humans one dog. Forest perennials coming up. Violet and trillium blooming. Tread a bit messy. Moist day.

Monday March 30,2020 Gales Creek Trail, 5 miles 500ft eg. Rainy. Saw no-one. The Tillamook Forest is open for hiking!

Tuesday March 31, 2020 Urban hike-Mount Tabor, 5 miles 500ft, hundreds of people.

Friday April 3rd 8 miles 1500 eg, Gales Creek Story Burn loop. One pair of hikers. Delighted by skunk cabbage, snow at the top!

Sunday April 12th 7.5 miles, 900 gain, Step Creek Trail in Tillamook SF. After a couple hours of solitude, saw 8 people in last half mile near TH.

Tuesday April 14th 4.5 miles, 750 gain Marquam, Flicker and Warbler Loop also using Fairmont and Sherwood roads. Passed only 6 humans.

Saturday April 18th-Reeher’s Camp loop: Gales Creek trail to Bell Camp Road and logging road rambles around Round Top mountain-13.5 miles, 2500 ft. Plus I got a tick! One pair of runners at bottom.

Friday April 24th Council Crest Hike 3.5 miles, 750 ft Misty morning, passed 7 people 1 dog on trail, saw a few milling around on top.

Thursday April 30th-Forest Park Maple-Koenig loop 6.5 miles 750 eg. Saw 10 people on foot, 3 cyclists and one dog.

Tuesday May 19th- Just got NP swabbed for the 3rd time. Gave me a headache that the forest couldnt fix. Really nice to be back in green moist lush PDX! 2.5 miles 250 ft


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