4 miles of hiking • 1000' elevation gain •

I brought my bike and rode the new section of the bikepath between Wyeth and Starvation Creek. It is a lovely addition to our gorge. Much of it is like the old highway with stonework walls, little alcoves plus artful placements of giant chunks of hexagonal basalt column. The viaducts are cool too. The only thing I don't care for is the roar of 84, so I wouldn't choose this as a destination on its own, but it sure opens up the loop possibilities!

There is a big brand new parking area right next to the Wyeth Campground-no pass needed.

I found the Shellrock Mountain trail behind the gambion wall just west of Summit Creek. The fire came through here, but didn't kill the big trees. The trail is a series of many switchbacks up through a giant scree field that includes part of the old 1860s wagon road. I saw a staircase used to maintain a power pole and took it to check out the viewpoint. found a cool section of via ferrata! Had to turn back at about 1200 feet d/t rain and the trail getting slick as the slope got steep.


nuizontann hearts this trip.