14.5 miles of hiking • 4250' elevation gain • 2 nights

I was all packed up for a climb in the North Cascades, when the forecast turned (again!) and our trip was cancelled. The leader had proposed an alternative peak bagging type trip in the Chiwawa area, and all the pictures were so tantalizing, I decided to go. In the end, no one else was interested so this was another solo.

The Trinity parking lot was overflowing and I was imagining Buck Creek Pass littered with tents, no thanks! I prefer my wilderness with solitude, so what's a girl to do on Labor Day weekend? Head into the bush, that's what.

There was a geocache at King Lake( 3 finds in 12 years), and teh cache hider had given waypoints for a fisherman's trail, so I took off about 3 miles up on the Buck Creek trail. Crossed the creek then had to climb through 800 ft of a burn area-that sucked, but I did find the fishermans trail and the way improved as I ascended.

The lake was nothing short of spectacular, and just pristine, very little sign of human activity. I took a nap, but it was SO NOISY from the roaring waterfalls (melting off Buck Glacier) that feed the lake. I kept hearing music and voices. I decided to explore the plateau north of the lake and it was alpine heaven! Pikas, marmots and those tasty low blueberries everywhere. Spectacular views in every direction. Really one of the best tent sites ever.


Sarah Johnson hearts this trip.