28.5 miles of hiking • 9000' elevation gain • 3 nights

Glorious! Fall color coming on, huckleberries still plentiful. Went up the S Brietenbush trail to Jefferson Park and stayed two nights at a designated site on Russell Lake. Climbed up the NW side of Jeff to the base of the Whitewater Glacier on day 2. On the third day I took the PCT to Park Ridge and headed off cross country, traveling north on Adventure Ridge-magnificent scenery. Spent the night at Bear Lake. Third day was a 10 hours of slogging through the Mildred Lakes basin- I do not recommend. Came out on a road at 5pm that would lead me back to my car in 8 miles! Luckily a hunter came along so I only walked half of it. yes I got into a car with a stranger with a gun, and didn't think twice!

I really want to return and spend some time in the basin below Dyna-Mo Peak and climb that peak and Park Butte.


nuizontann hearts this trip.