19 miles of hiking • 5500' elevation gain • 1 night

Started out at Longmire and took the Wonderland to Indian Henry, then headed up above Mirror Lakes. Rather buggy between 3500-5000 ft, but once in the alpine area, it was really nice.However, the whole area is very smoky/hazy. The meadows between Mirror Lakes and Pyramid Peak are lovely. Just need a cross country permit to camp there,I was the only one. Pyramid Peak has a trail all the way to the top, but the final few hundred ft are sketchy with loose rock. Saw some goats. Got to see some great meteor blazes too! Got an idea from the internet to take Fisher's Hornpipe Creek back down to the Wonderland. Kinda dumb. Took 3 hrs to cover 1.5 miles, but at least I didnt have to go back the way I came.