26.5 miles of hiking • 5250' elevation gain • 3 nights

I took a few days to travel around exploring in Washington. Car camped in remote spots. Saw a bear in the Dark Divide, marmots and goats in MRNP, and shooting stars at night.

1) Big Creek Trail near Lewis River, 2 miles 300 ft eg 2) FS 9341 Road walk. On my way to the Snagtooth TH, there is a rock slide blocking the road 3 miles from TH. I walked up to the TH and back as a little evening hike, 6 miles 750 ft, bear crossed road in front of me. Didn't wait for me to grab my camera. 3) Hike and Bike to Snagtooth Mountain. Woke up and biked up to the TH, then hiked up to the Snagtooth summit. Steep snowfields persisting on the north slopes, no bugs! 4 miles, 650 ft hiking. 4) Taklakh Lake, then Natchez Peak in MRNP. 5 miles, 1400 ft 5) Sunrise to Skyscraper to 2nd Burroughs in MRNP. Goats and marmots. 9. 6 miles, 2400 ft eg