4 miles of hiking • 500' elevation gain •

I brought the family along for a little exploration. My husband and two kids age 8. Our mission was to check out my game camera on Greenleaf Creek and find a hidden lake nearby- waypoint marked on map.

We started from the Blue Lake side and walked in on gravel logging roads owned by Longview Fiber. We got to the creek and decided not to cross- interesting how things seem riskier when you have kids along. Set off cross country through some nice forest- unfortunately there was a ton of poison oak. Wonderful scrambling on moss covered slopes, the kids had a blast, but we really had to navigate them tightly because of the PO.

We found the lake, which does not seem to have a water source, and it is evaporating quickly. No doubt it is dry in the late summer. I'll be back soon to explore the other scree fields nearby and check my camera.