7 miles of hiking • 750' elevation gain •

Delightful destination for a dog walk! As something of a (admittedly extremely minor!) challenge, I decided to try doing the "longest loop with the least overlap" this day. I think half the challenge was simply rolling formulae around in my mind, wondering how exactly one might quantify such a thing. I dunno, track below... What do you think?


October 26, 2017

Well done! I like to extend it a bit in NE corner along the pasture, and around (former?) strawberry field. Also, a bit of nice road grade if you continue west along Whipple Creek, although it's on private property. Also, a deer trail that starts behind that picnic table :)

I used to go there a lot more often when I was in school and only had a bike.

October 29, 2017

Yes, I've done those east and north extensions. This was that day with one deluge after another, so we kinda stuck under the trees as much as possible. ;-)

Saw that trail on the west, and wanted to explore! Will look for the one by the picnic table, too, thanks!