38.18 miles of hiking • 8000' elevation gain • 2 nights

In the not to distant past the Boulder Creek Campgound & hot springs would be overflowing this time of year but ever since the Elwha took out the road approx 2 miles from hwy101, necessating a now 8 mile road walk to the Appleton Pass TH, one basically has solitude on this hike all the way to Appleton Pass. In fact I had the campground & hot springs entirely to myself which was nice but kinda eerie in a way. The hike up to Appleton Pass on day 2 was pleasant with many water sources & the lower Boulder Creek Falls is definitely worth a view. Found a nice site @ Appleton Pass & spent the rest of the day exploring. Very nice views in which Mt. Olympus can be seen to the S/W. Next day took the way trail down to Cat Basin & from there back to the High Divide/Seven Lakes Basin area which was teaming with hikers and made my way to the Soleduck TH.


nuizontann hearts this trip.

September 2, 2018

Wow that is so cool,the idea of an abandoned campground with a hot spring! Could you bike the road? How did you get between the 2 trailheads?

Father Guido Sarducci
September 4, 2018

Yes you could bike the road. I was able to hitch a ride from the Soleduck TH to where my car was parked.