8 miles of hiking • 1000' elevation gain • 2 nights


July 13, 2011

Sweet - how was the snow?

I think I'm heading down to the Sierras for a week of wandering around early next month, and apparently snow may STILL be a problem then :/

Kyle Meyer
July 15, 2011

Snow was abundant! That's why we stayed so low in the wilderness. Our initial target was Lake Aloha, but the current report was 12 feet of snow at 8200'. It looks like the snow line is sitting at about 8000' as of this week up there according to http://desowv.org/

Desolation Wilderness, if you opt to go, is pretty magic and a little more lush than the high Sierra around Yosemite.

July 16, 2011

Amazing. I'm definitely heading south where things are supposed to be melted out more.