6 miles of hiking • 1250' elevation gain •

Bunker Hill was a fun little jaunt up a 20-25 million year old igneous volcanic plug. 1200 gain in 1.7 miles, a good training hike when I am feeling lazy (like yesterday) and want to sleep in and still get some exercise. While no wow views yesterday due to clouds, it had interesting rock formations to scramble on, old growth, and cool fungi to check out. Best part, I only saw 5 other humans. We ended with an additional trek on the interpretive Whistle Punk Trail to add some mileage. Trail was flooded on the PCT but otherwise in good shape. We cleared a bit of branches from the trail as we walked, but otherwise no major obstacles of any sort. Drop off on the spur trail with views was steep, but I didn't venture anywhere I didn't feel safe.


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