19 miles of hiking • 3750' elevation gain •

Covid hiking crew meets again.

We felt like a challenge, so we opted for a hike that has been on my list for a long time. I somehow always felt intimidated by the mileage.

Sandy crossing was pretty straightforward and easy. There may have been an easier spot, but we didn't waste time looking for one.

We were probably one of the first to hit Ramona Falls, it was quite pleasant to have it all to ourselves for a moment. After a brief snack break, we trudged on.

I expected the climb up to be more grueling, but the switchbacks were gradually and it never really felt super hard. Two folks on my crew were carrying an excess of water for training weight, and they seemed fine as well. (I carry my excess weight on ME, no need for me to weigh my pack down further.)

The avalanche lilies were plentiful on our way up, and eventually we came to a big open meadow with a huge view. (Well, should have been huge, but the mountain was shy yesterday.)

Our friend Tran, a rock climber but not a hiker, said to us - "You girls are so strong! We don't usually hike this far to get to the rock!"

While the mountain was getting socked in, I still wanted to get my mileage in and try for the actual ridge. We packed up Tran in a sleeping bag, and she took a cozy nap while we headed up a little further. Once on the other side, the views were still obscured and it seemed pointless to go further. We went back to retrieve Tran, and started our descent.

Next time, I'll be armed with an overnight pack so I can stay the night and take it all in.

Fun challenge, and may have been the longest mileage I have put in, in one day.

I'm eager to go back.


Father Guido Sarducci and nuizontann heart this trip.

Father Guido Sarducci
July 17, 2020

Way to meet the challenge! That river crossing looks interesting to say the least.