8.5 miles of hiking • 3000' elevation gain •

Table Mountain was our first choice yesterday, and we met at the trailhead at 7:30 am. The weather forecast was iffy, and we mulled over our choices in the rain. We wanted a 16/17 mile sufferfest, but being wet and cold for that long didn't sound like the best idea. The decision was made to drive a little further down the gorge, to see if we would find drier conditions. We decided to give an old friend a visit, since Dog had quietly opened up during the week. If conditions were good, we would go all the way to Augspurger.

We sweated up old dog, choosing the more difficult way without switchbacks. The trail was dry and we were hot. Once out in the clear, the clouds surrounded us and the rain and wind beat our faces. Oh yes, this is the dog I remember. (I usually avoid Dog in nice weather and mostly use it for training when the weather keeps away the crowds.)

We trudged on, determined to reach the trees to hide in at the summit. We snacked, took a "summit photo" and quickly moved on towards the very overgrown Augspurger trail. This section is usually overgrown, but was more so than I remember since not having any visitors on the trail for the past few months. I actually slipped and fell on slippery rock I couldn't see underneath the vegetation.

Onwards, to the junction where you can choose to head back down, or continue to the Augspurger. We were wet and cold, and decided it was best to head down. Sometime during our descent, the rain disappeared and the sun came out. I'm sure those who waited later in the day probably had nice views. We didn't care, we just came to conquer the mountain and hike out some anger. Successful day.


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