12 miles of hiking • 1250' elevation gain • 1 night

Did an overnight last weekend with my hiking friend Nicole, parking at a turnout near Tillamook Head Trailhead (No overnight parking allowed.) Stayed at the hikers camp, setting up my tent inside one of the hiker shelters with the mice. (I forgot my footprint and it was raining.) Stayed toasty and warm inside, and was surprisingly unbothered by mice.

In the evening the sky cleared long enough that we took a night hike to the cliffs edge, to see what stars we could see. Checked out the bunkers in the night, thoroughly soaking our shoes in the mud.

The sunshine came out in the morning as we stretched our legs on the Clatsop loop, though we turned around part way since we had left our food and water back in camp. We hiked back out the way we came.