8 miles of hiking • 500' elevation gain •

A few friends of mine who are non hikers asked if I would take them on a hike. Each suggestion I made was turned down for being "too hard", a "death hike", too many people, more elevation gain than they could handle... So, I opted for something mostly flat, with enough of a danger element to be exciting for us. I've been on the route a few times, and it is one of my favorite weird post apocalyptic hikes. The earth is slowly taking back the railroad, one landslide at a time. This route is technically trespassing, and it considered unsafe due to the conditions on the trail. Most guides now warn of its closure. Hence, me being very vague but a quick google search will find many sources of information about this "trail." One more thing - my friends should have told me that they had an intense fear of heights. This probably was not the best place to test their will crossing suspended tracks, but everyone did great and we all came back in one piece.

I forgot to put my card into my camera, so I just have a couple of phone pictures and a few photos my friends took.