6 miles of hiking • 500' elevation gain •

Night hike through the ape caves. Worked a full day, and with a friend in town from Florida, we decided to take him out to Ape Caves because it was something we could do without daylight. Happened to be the night of a blood moon. Did both lower and upper, no other creatures or beings in site.

Icy descent into the caves, and pretty slippery hike back on the hard packed snow back to the snow park parking lot. No microspikes or snowshoes used, we just dealt with it. A few eerie things on this hike - an empty pair of cowboy boots left at the trailhead, and the night hike back in the dark with the blood moon. I always see/hear things while hiking by headlamp, but the thrill can't be beat.

Nothing reached out in the night and grabbed us, I survived to hike another day.