7.8 miles of hiking • 1750' elevation gain •

Parked at ski bowl, which adds to the mileage of this hike.

This hike was lead by my friend Kat (who was an assistant when I took BCEP), who is a new Mazama's hike leader, through meetup. Cold, clear day and a steady pace. Trail was hard packed and snowshoes were not needed. Also along was my fellow BCEP friend and Mountain Dog, Prasanna. (Who is now becoming a hike leader - congrats to him.) The rest on the hike were strangers, which is always interesting. I go back and forth between solo hiking and joining meetups/Mazama trail trips since my boyfriend can no longer hike with me until his work schedule changes this summer. I do highly recommend meetup for those of you who seek company on the trail, and your friends are mostly non hikers. (I know...I know...who are these people? Why do we like them if they don't hike?)