1 miles of hiking • 0' elevation gain •

This was an attempt to find the famed patch of old growth in the middle of logging country near the coast of Oregon. Huge Douglas-firs, with a few large western hemlocks, some trees up to 500 years old.

The hike was lead by Mazamas hike leader Bill Stein, with Matt Reeder (local author of PDX Hiking 365 and 101 Hikes in the Majestic Mount Jefferson Region.) It was an exploratory hike as no-one knew if we could actually make it out there.

Sadly, we did not make it. We got around a mile and a half from the trailhead when all hell broke loose and we came upon an active logging site of Weyerhaeuser that halted our way onwards. We attempted to climb over the downed trees but quickly deemed it too hazardous to go on. 3 hours of driving... and so close we could taste it. Just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone was interested in attempting this.... It is impossible with the logging activity currently going on.

Disappointing after all the buildup, but not a wasted day. We stopped at Baskett Slough on the way back to stretch our legs and at least get a short hike in. Still fun to get out and meet people, and nice to grab a new hiking guide from Matt (and get insider scoop on unknown hikes on the drive there and back.)

Photos if you click on my GPS track below.