9.4 miles of hiking • 2250' elevation gain •

Newly "reopened" Wygant Trail, one of the few trails on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge not affected by the Eagle Creek Fire. This trail has seen some improvements from Trail Crews since the last time I was here, but it is pretty obvious they have not gotten to the whole trail. There is one spot part way up where you have to climb over a very large downed tree, and a wrong move could cause injury or a tumble down the side of the cliff. Not for novice hikers. Once past the large tree the trail becomes much easier to pass. The creek crossing where the bridge washed out was not terrible, there is a suitable log that I easily scooted across on my bottom. Those who trust their balance could walk across it. Towards the summit the trail becomes more faint, but still easy to follow. The actually summit is not much to see, views are best taken on short spurs on the way up. I did not attempt the Chetwood Loop, as trip reports say that landslides have made much of it impassable.

For photos click on my GPS track below.


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