14.5 miles of hiking • 3000' elevation gain •

When you think of high mountain hiking it evokes a certain picture that you We camped at Takhlakh Lakethink of as "it". This part of Mt Adams is definitely "it". We camped at Takhlakh Lake and did a stroll around the surrounding lake and meadows which was actually really nice. At one point we went over a lava flow and got a great north view of the mountains. In the morning we set out up Killen Creek Trail into the beauty. Adams is so much bigger than my local mountain. We hiked to High Camp and then explored the meadows and ridges above there. Tons of views. We could see Rainier, Helens, Goat Rocks, the Dark Divide and lots more. Wonderful couple of days.


nuizontann and Father Guido Sarducci heart this trip.