10.2 miles of hiking • 2000' elevation gain •

I wanted to hit the bloom in the Badger and I needed some sun. So off to the east I went. Quiet day up there saw a few people near the summit. The penstemon is peaking, with lots of other colors dotted through. I parked at High Prairie, hiked to the old lookout site and headed down the Divide trail, taking my time even though it was downhill mostly. Where the Divide trail hits the Flag Point Road, I went a short distance up to a quiet lookout point in a blooming meadow. My camera doesn't capture distance very well. But, I could see all three Washington Volcanoes as well as Jefferson, Three Sisters, Little Brother, and Washington, plus a few more. To the east I could see the foothill of the Blue Mountains. I only saw one fire in the distance, yay. All uphill on the way back, but marvelous.