17.5 miles of hiking • 4500' elevation gain •

Actually hiked 12/31, but a bug on WH won't include NYE hikes in 2017 stats. :-/

Original idea was to climb Table Mountain, again. Would've been sixth time up there, this year. But some pretty wicked winds, and clouds shrouding the summit, convinced us there wasn't much point. So, instead, we turned west/left at the PCT/Westway junction, and wandered ridges over to Cedar Mountain. Found a nice, wind-sheltered meadow to enjoy a bit of lunch, before completing the descent. The "bridge" over Cedar Creek is in fine form now, thanks to some new shingles on the boards! Went up to Aldrich Butte, finally, before returning to Bonneville trailhead and enjoying the final sunset of 2017 from the PCT.


Woodswalker hearts this trip.