16 miles of hiking • 4000' elevation gain •

Started and ended this hike at Wildwood Recreation Area, which is just a stunning park developed by the BLM. If every facility that wanted $5 for parking were this nice, there'd be a lot less griping about passes, methinks.

Enjoyed the leisurely stroll up Huckleberry Mountain via Boulder Ridge, taking in a couple Hood viewpoints along the way. Lunched, briefly, at a bald near the top, though the persistent wind there didn't make us want to linger long. Had been enjoying very temperate conditions until now, but so it goes atop a ridge I guess. Just a bit of snow, all above 3900' or so, which was mostly quite walkable but knee-deep in the open areas.

Turned downward at the Bonanza Trail, which was another long leisurely walk in the woods, punctuated by a single notable feature... The old abandoned Bonanza Mine. Pretty cool! I think I'll have to go back again, when wet feet may not be the same issue they are in December, and explore much deeper into it. Cheeney Creek was also rather beautiful in a couple of spots.

After hitting the Bonanza trailhead, we just road walked back via Wemme. Nice stretch, but not the most exciting hike ever.


Woodswalker and nuizontann heart this trip.