8 miles of hiking • 2500' elevation gain •

Decided we'd #OptOutside the afternoon away on Hamilton, after nearly being blown off Dog in the morning. We were correct to have feared "half of Portland!" being out on BRSPs trails this day. Mud abounded below the upper junction. But the later start meant we were likely less irritated by flipfloppers than we otherwise might've been earlier in the day.

Enjoyed a delightful Brocken Spectre down by Rabbit Ears from the summit, then quickly moved on to the saddle for sunset. Started down by 4:30, and just over an hour later were greeted by a park ranger asking "Why are you only getting down now? Don't you know the park closed at dusk?" Wow... He'd just cited the other two cars still in the lot, and was preparing to cite us as well, but then offered, "If you can exit in two minutes, I won't write you up!" Wow, wow, wow...

Not wanting to offer him much chance to change his mind, I only asked "How do you define dusk?" The immediate response was, "30 minutes after sunset." I think an RCW search is called for!


nuizontann hearts this trip.