7 miles of hiking • 3000' elevation gain •

Original thought was to hit Augspurger, but plans changed as we climbed. Drive out was raining a bit, but it eased up as we got near. The skies were even brightening, and we caught a rainbow over Wind on way up. But by the time we hit the decision junction, we were in a full-on wind/rain storm, and the thought of plowing on to Aug wasn't too pleasant. So we turned and headed for Dog instead!

The traverse across the upper meadows was a walk through the clouds, with ghostly visions of trees lining ridges below. The summit was totally clouded. No real views until we were well below Puppy Dog on way down. Blah! After a quick descent, we were surprised by the number of folks choosing to #OptOutside here! We headed west, in hopes of nicer conditions for round two.