17 miles of hiking • 3500' elevation gain • 1 night

Finally knocked off the last segment of the Loowit Trail that I'd yet to traverse - from the June Lake to Ape Canyon junctions. Started at the June Lake trailhead, and enjoyed a rip-roaring waterfall into the lake (from recent snowmelt), before beginning on new-to-me trail above. Loved this segment! Some forested, but mostly through lava fields and pumice plains, with a number of significant drainages to cross along the way. And oh, how the huckleberries were out! My goodness... it was a feast!!!

Enjoyed lunch near the little waterfalls a bit beyond Pumice Butte, right before the rain began. Wandered another mile-plus, to the three-way junction, before decided that was enough for today and turning around. All day long, a helicopter flew folks in and out to service the monitoring equipment scattered all about, which added a little interest.

Rain fell pretty steady the entire way back to June Lake. Wading through the huckleberry fields wasn't quite as much fun in these conditions, but the scenery was sublime. So colorful and yet so muted. Camera became waterlogged, but the memories will persist.