17.5 miles of hiking • 4500' elevation gain •

Decided to climb Table Mountain, from the Bonneville TH, to try getting as good a view of the Eagle Creek Fire as might be possible. Winds were favorable, as we had mostly fresh, clean air to breath all day long. Surreal may be the word of the day. It wasn't complete devastation, as many (myself included) had initially feared. The "mosaic" pattern of the burn was quite evident, even if not easily photographed.

While on top, another friend of ours arrived having come from the Aldrich Butte area. We ended up hiking along with him, back down to his car and caught a ride over to our starting point, to cover more varied territory rather than repeating our route in. Exited Table off the north end, then took the PCT down most of the way. Climbed up Aldrich Butte as the sun was sinking for some final shots of the destruction across the river. What a day!