22.5 miles of hiking • 5750' elevation gain •

Had what turned out to be a farewell tour through many of my most favorite spots in the Gorge on Saturday. When I got back down to Multnomah Falls parking lot, I could see the humongous plume growing over the Eagle Creek fire. Life in the Gorge will never be the same. Not in my lifetime. Profoundly grateful for having this last opportunity.

Set a new PR for getting up to Sherrard Point, making it there in just under 2.5 hours, which was a half-hour faster than ever before. That felt incredible! Then I just slow meandered down the back crater rim, before dropping into the crater and heading towards Franklin Ridge. Decided to skip the Basin this time, regrettably, and ended up traveling the road over to Devils Rest before dropping down the Primrose Path and thrilling once again to Wahkeena Springs and the falls below.

I'll probably always cry, remembering this last hike through that treasured territory.