11.5 miles of hiking • 7250' elevation gain • 2 nights

I have a friend who is climbing the Bulger Top 100 Peaks and he asked if I was interesting in a 3 day 2 night backpacking trip which would include a climb of Mt. Stuart using the Cascadian Couloir route. I climbed Stuart via this route many years ago and was not really interested in doing it again but told him I would go on the trip and climb as far as the upper snow field below the false summit. The route we took was up Longs Pass, down the climbers trail to Ingalls Creek where we set up camp. Next morning started the climb @ around 7:30 AM, I stopped where planned at around 8600' near Sherpa Peak and found a nice granite slab where I took a nap in the sun and ate some lunch. My friend reached the summit around noon and we then make it back to camp around 4PM. Next day hiked out reaching the TH around 10AM.


nuizontann hearts this trip.