21 miles of hiking • 2000' elevation gain •

We were headed into the Egypt Lake area, but there was a massive landslide that took out multiple bridges along Pharaoh creek and totally changed the valley for literally miles. We did a few crossings but the water was really high and we ultimately turned back. Way too sketchy.

There was a new trail built diverting around the slide, but the rangers didn't tell us about it and it wasn't on the maps or in the conditions reports so we didn't know whether or not to take it. It climbed hundreds of feet onto the ridge next to the valley. Kind of a bummer.

The conditions report said, "Bridge(s) out at Pharaoh Creek. Significant trail erosion. Use caution". Indeed.

So we ended up hiking back out. 20 mile day hike with full packs.

On the plus side, we canoed in Moraine Lake the next day instead.